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Hearing date and fax number corrected!


Striper predation bill, AB 2336 to be heard in committee on April 13, your help needed!


by Mike McKenzie

March 16, 2010 -- The Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee will hear AB 2336 (The Fuller Bill) on Tuesday April 13th at 9:00 AM in Room 437 on the Assembly side of the State Capitol.

Here we have another back door attempt by Corporate Ag. to bypass the the state regulatory agencies. If they are successful by using these tactics, they will soon be after every game fish in the state. As an angling community that does not support this bill we need to, once again, pack the hearing room and the hallways with as many people as we possibly can.

There will most likely be (as before with AB1253) no time for anyone to speak other than to line up at the microphone and state that one does not support the bill. If we get a good turn out with lots of live bodies, we could have a fair chance of stopping this Bill at the hearing. We also need as many people as we can possibly get, to write or Fax the Committee, letters against the Bill.

The Committee must have the letters by no later than April 7th 2010. The Committee’s FAX number is 916-319-2196.

I cannot stress how important, a large turnout and lots of letters, is to the defeat of this Bill.


Sample letter below:
Using your own words to paraphrase the letter would be best

Assemblymember Jared Huffman, Chair
Assembly Committee on Water, Parks & Wildlife
1020 N Street, Suite 160
Sacramento, CA 94249

Re: My Opposition to AB 2336 (Fuller) - Striped Bass Eradication

Chairman Huffman and Members of the Committee:

I am writing to express my complete opposition to AB 2336. I’m outraged over supporters of the bill who think they have a right to destroy the striped bass fishery owned by the public. This fishery has co-existed with all the fisheries in the Bay-Delta estuary for 130 years and it has collapsed right along with our salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and the other fish dependent on the estuary. Even in its degraded state it still manages to generate some $250 million annually to our state’s trouble economy.

The issues of striped bass predation should be left to the state and federal fishery agencies that are charged with managing the public’s fishery resources. These are the professionals and scientists who have the expertise know how best to manage our fishery resources.

It is time the Legislature sent a message that divisive bills such as this one will not be tolerated. Instead, the Legislature needs to focus on correcting the ecological crisis in the estuary that is destroying our fisheries, including the immense impacts of excessive water over-allocation and export out of the Delta.

I will greatly appreciate your efforts to help protect our priceless fishery heritage!