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Amended Fuller Bill, AB 2336, clears committee, eleven to one


Yes: Huffman, Fuller, Arambula, Blumenfield, Caballero, Ruskin, Fletcher, Lowenthal, Salas, Fong


No: Yamada


by Mike McKenzie

April 14, 2010 -- Assembly Bill 2336 (Amended) passed the Assembly Water,Parks and Wildlife Committee yesterday with 10 votes for and 1 vote against.. Below is the amended language contained in the bill.

SEC. 1.  Delete existing legislative findings and intent language and replace with:
In order to protect and preserve the existing populations of native fish species that live and migrate through the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, it is the intent of the Legislature that the Delta Stewardship Council consider for inclusion in its final Delta Plan, in addition to measures addressing the impacts of the State Water Project and federal Central Valley Project operations, identification of effective and scientifically justified measures to reduce or eliminate the impact of other significant stressors on California's native fish populations.
SEC. 2.  Rewrite to read as follows:
85308.5. The Council, in the course of developing and adopting the Delta Plan, shall direct the Delta Independent Science Board to conduct an assessment of other stressors, in addition to State Water Project and Central Valley Project operations, on native fish species populations in the Delta, the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers and their tributaries below the rim dams, and recommend changes in law and actions by state agencies to remedy the situation in as timely a manner as possible.  Other stressors evaluated shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, those identified in the Delta Vision Strategic Plan, including impacts of invasive species and non-native species, water quality impairments, and predation on native species.

The amended bill was passed despite about 100 members of the fishing community asking for a No vote from the Committee members on the bill and as amended. We expect to have further dialogue with legislators on this issue with respect to resolving differences.