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We are committed to providing affordable marketing strategies for small business owners.  We take pride in doing what we say. Let Ground LvL Media assist you with maximizing your visibility and increasing your brand identity. Want significant ground level exposure? Just pick up the phone and call today!  Guaranteed financing options are available for annual and 6 month LED campaigns!

We reserve the right to refuse advertising campaigns that are vulgar, discriminatory, insensitive, defamatory, illicit, or distasteful.

Elite Pro

This LED BILLBOARD package is ready to broadcast your powerful advertising campaign with over 3500 impressions per month. Elite Pro has been designed to cover 75+ square miles of the bustling city. Monday through Friday (7am -4pm), Broad Street North & South and Market Street East & West.

Simply Plus

Excellent choice for the “Starving Artist”. Reach your potential customers with your distinct LED BILLBOARD campaign without breaking the bank.  This savings package allows business owners to communicate with 50+ miles of your target audience in the most cost effective way.  Sunday through Monday (10am – 2pm), Broad Street North & South only.

Nite Owl

Captivate your audience that appreciates the night scene.  This LED package is designed for business owners to illuminate their message without competing with the busy landscape.  Potential customers are more likely to recall your advertisement without distraction. Thursday through Saturday (6pm – 10pm), Broad Street North & South only.

A La Carte

This featured package offers the benefit of renting our LED Screens for just about any occasion/event that you wish. Weddings, celebrations, sporting events, movie night, just to name a few.


All LED Advertising campaigns are scheduled to begin on the first business day of each month. Each campaign shall consist of at least one month of pre paid contract. Cancel at any time.


A La Carte rentals shall satisfy all payments within 72 hours of event. Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will incur a $50 cancellation fee. Our rentals are available rain or shine and we will not accept “rain checks”.


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