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Your 501(c)(3) tax deductible cash donations are desperately needed if the fight for our fisheries is to continue. Read how you can donate!

How you can help!

     It takes a lot of money to fight the major corporations, state agencies, and water developers. Unfortunately, the only source of this cash is YOU! While we can hope for change and vote for those government representatives we believe will advocate in our behalf, the truth is that  our public water represents MONEY to some people and they have no qualms about damaging and destroying our fisheries for their own gains. 

"Watching fisheries that God nurtured over tens of thousands of years being virtually destroyed in less than two decades while DWR, the Bureau and the State Board continue their embrace of denial is surely one of the most wretched and despicable spectacles we have ever witnessed,”

Bill Jennings

     We also need people to write letters and occasionally, show up at hearings and other public meetings. Please sign up for News Letters and Alerts. We'll try to keep our requests to a minimum but your letters are as important as your donations.

CSPA needs your membership NOW!

CSPA is a 501c3 Corporation. All donations are tax deductible! 

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