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December 2008

December 31-Bureau of Reclamation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Release Draft Central Valley PIA CPAR Report for Public Review and Comment

December 31-CSPA protests Permit Renewal for Maxwell Wastewater Treatment Plant

December 31-CSPA protests Permit Renewal for Mount Shasta Fish Hatchery waste water treatment

December 30-Oregon scientists report ocean conditions improving for juvenile Chinook salmon

December 30-CALFED Science Panel will hold public review of draft bi-op for Chinook salmon, Steelhead and Green Sturgeon

December 30-Feather River and Nimbus Hatcheries Meet Salmon Egg Take Goals, Mokelumne Hatchery to receive surplus eggs

December 30-CSPA files comments on City of Woodlands request for renewal Of Waste Discharge Requirements  for their Water Pollution Control Facility

December 30-CSPA and Butte Environmental Council object to proposed water transfer

December 29-Alameda Watershed Habitat Conservation Plan Meeting January 13

December 27-My View: Science, not politics, will save Delta

December 27-Salmonid Restoration Conference to be held in Santa Cruz in March, Reserve your place now!

December 26-“Salmon: Recovery or Extinction”: Panel Will Scope the Crisis and Actions Needed At Sacramento ISE

December 25-State Water Board Agrees With CSPA In Lodi Appeal, Remands waste discharge permit back to Regional Board


The Board Draft Order


The CSPA Lodi Petition to Review

December 24-CSPA and Foothills Water Network submit comments on study plans for the Yuba-Bear/Drum-Spaulding relicensing

December 24-Holiday Trout stockings make for good cheer

December 22-New wetlands plan worries S.F. Bay fishermen

December 22-Salmon Disaster Relief Application Deadline Is December 31

December 21-Pacific economist willing to bet $10,000 study on peripheral canal is wrong

December 21-Obama names Holdren, Lubchenco, Varmus and Lander to science posts

December 20-DWR Chief Snow still pushes for "conveyance", dams and continued pumping in face of USFWS Bi OP on Delta Smelt

December 19-Schwarzenegger Still Pimping Peripheral Canal as He Declares "Fiscal Emergency"

December 19-Feinstein fires at DFG for not controlling stripers and black bass in the delta

December 19-U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Announces Grants to Protect San Diego and Bay Area Wetlands

December 18-CSPA and dozens of groups file comments on  proposed revision of California's Antidegradation Implementation Guidelines

bulletLetter of 7-17-07 From same environmental groups to the SWRCB

December 17-Obama Nominates Salazar for Interior Secretary, Vilsack for Agriculture by Dan Bacher, editor of the Fish Sniffer

December 17-Obama Names Salazar As Secretary of Interior Washington Post

December 17-A "Neutral" scientific view: Limited restrictions on stocking are needed to conserve California's native fish and amphibians  

December 16 - How the press  covered the USFWS BiOp Delta Smelt decision

December 16-Report finds meddling in Interior Dept. actions to protect wildlife: Integrity jeopardized

December 16-Striped Bass Feminization in the Delta

December 15-CSPA files scoping comments regarding statewide objectives for water contact recreation

December 15-CSPA files comments on WRCB's Recycled Water Policy

December 15-CSPA files comments on  on Riviera West Water Treatment Plant

December 15-Department of Fish and Game comments on U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biological opinion on Delta smelt

December 15-U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service releases New Biological Opinion for Delta Smelt: Limits delta pumping to environmentally sustainable manner

bulletFrom Earthjustice: New Biological Opinion Will Protect San Francisco Bay-Delta: State and federal water projects operators must protect native fish from extinction
bulletFrom the National Resources Defense Council - Federal Government Calls for Stronger Delta Smelt Protection Preventing Extinction for Fish Offers Chance to Solve California¹s Water Woes

December 15-Radio implants to track salmon through Delta By Matt Weiser, Sacramento Bee

December 13-Political headwinds building against Delta pumping study By Matt Weiser, Sacramento Bee

December 13-A salmon crisis in my back yard: Mokelumne River Hatchery at 3% of capacity

December 13-DFG adds more clarity to the stocking issue, 80% of previous waters will still be stocked: Many private stocking programs to continue

December 12-Four fish stocking concessionaires will defy law suit but may actually be legal 

December 11-Bush administration removes federal wildlife experts from important decision making: Conservation groups say they will sue!

December 11-Bush administration takes parting shot at endangered wildlife

December 11-Feinstein: Delay new water restrictions for fish

December 10-Three game wardens receive 2008 Medal of Valor

December 10-DWR wants the water back that was used to protect Delta fisheries, further depleting the Delta's dwindling supply

December 9-Comment Period Re-opened for Uplisting Delta Smelt: Technical error triggers additional 60 days for public to submit information

December 9-Fish survey at Caples Creek deemed a success: TU assists

December 9-Public Water Agencies Throughout California File Suit to Prevent Further Water Cutbacks

December 9-Karuk Tribe Joins with Conservation Groups in Supporting Thompson for Interior Secretary

December 8-Baby Fish in Polluted San Francisco Estuary Waters Are Stunted and Deformed

December 8-CSPA needs funds to defend California's fisheries from unprecedented assault

December 8-U. C. Davis Scientists discover maternal transfer of toxic chemicals and pesticides from adult to larval striped bass in the San Francisco Estuary

December 7-CSPA asks Regional Board to halt discharge of salmon killing pollutants from San Luis drainage into fragile San Joaquin River system

bulletCSPA letter to Senator Feinstein on San Luis drainage issue
bulletResearch Paper: Toxicity of Selenium to Salmonids

December 5-Trying to halt Delta pumping from the Stockton Record

December 4-SARA annual meeting will honor Felix Smith and other parkway pioneers

December 3-The Truth about the "Stocking" law suit and what you can do: A Q&A Information Guide from CSPA

December 3-CSPA and other fishing advocacy groups ask Congress to support USGS Stream gauging programs

December 3-SFPUC Approves $4.5 Billion Hetch Hetchy Upgrade and Programmatic EIR for Water System Projects in Alameda Creek

December 2-Coleman National Fish Hatchery Meets its Central Valley Chinook Salmon Egg Collection Target

December 2-News Media and Anglers react to CSPA law suit on Delta pumping

December 2-Water Board Revokes Auburn Dam's Water Rights Today!

State cancels Auburn dam water rights By Gus Thomson, Folsom Journal Staff Writer

December 2-State Water Board Revokes Bureau’s Auburn Dam Water Rights: Can’t Put Water Rights in “cold storage”  

December 1-DFG tags sturgeon, tallies fishing report cards to manage the species

December 1-CSPA, C-WIN File Suit to End Wasteful Delta Diversions, Protect Public Trust Resources

bulletRead the complaint

(Read the July 8th Comments on the Draft Strategic Workplan for the San Francisco Bay/Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Estuary)


March 19-CSPA News: Unreasonable Use Complaint Filed With State Water Control Board. Groups will Sue in 60 Days if Board Fails to Schedule Evidentiary Hearing

November 2008

November 30-Trout plants halted - it's a load of bullfrogs! by Tom Stienstra

November 27-Anglers Take Action: Show your support for the McCloud River!

November 27-CA Congressman a candidate for Interior Secretary

November 27-Delta Vision Committee releases Discussion Document 


November 26-CalTrout Proposes Plan to Encourage More Sport Angling

November 26-Alert! Little Truckee River and other important wild trout fisheries impacted by Tahoe National Forest Plan

November 26-Field & Stream Magazine Gives the Governator "Villain of the Year" Award


November 25-Federal Government Announces Plan to Protect Salmon from Pesticides:
The plan promises cleaner water

November 25-CSPA files petition for review of numerous waste discharge permits

November 25-DFG publishes list of waters that will be stocked and those that will not be stocked

November 21-Angling Groups Hope for Fish Restoration Under Obama


November 20-The Economics of Ending Delta Water Exports versus the Peripheral Canal: Response

November 20-CSPA  endorses letter regarding Drought Water Bank flaws.  Kudos to Barbara Vlamis of Butte Environmental Council for the heavy lifting

November 19-Department of Fish and Game Wardens Work with Commercial Lobster Fishermen to Catch Poachers

November 19-DFG Announces Conviction for Extraordinary Waterfowl Poaching Case

November 18-CSPA intervenes in proposed small Feather River hydro development

November 18-Tuolumne River Trust schedules Victory Party 12/12, RSVP if you plan to attend

November 18-CSPA readers write letters regarding issues: Join them and make a difference!

November 17-Gov. Schwarzenegger Applauds Agreement in Principle that Marks First Critical Step on Presumptive Path to Remove Four Klamath River Dams: AIP sets in motion potential for the largest project of its kind in U.S. history

November 17-New Report Shows California Fish in Crisis: 65% of native salmon, steelhead, and trout species may be extinct in next century

November 17-CSPA wins "conniving environmentalist" merit badge from Doolittle

November 17-Caples Lake repair project winds down

November 16-DFG's Koch, Big Ag's best friend?

November 15-Is Schwarzenegger Trading Klamath Dam Removal for the Destruction of the Delta?

November 15-Klamath “Agreement In Principle” Does Not A Dam Removal Deal Make

November 14-CSPA begins massive membership drive, goal of 3,000 private members, 50 clubs, 5 major benefactors

November 14-"Striper Trial" scheduled for October 14th, 2009: Fate of fishery and DFG regulations rest with coming federal court decision

November 13-ONE STEP CLOSER TO KLAMATH DAM REMOVAL: PacifiCorp, Feds, States sign Agreement in Principle to Remove Dams

November 12-CSPA Supports Hamilton Wetlands Project But Not the Proposed Dredging Plan

November 12-Fish Wrap: Big bay dig a pig in a poke?

November 12-DFG Discovers Record Size Chinook Salmon on Survey of Lower Battle Creek

November 11-Deal reached on San Joaquin River legislation: Water and Salmon may finally return

November 11-Corps of Engineers to use Bay dredge tailings to restore Marin area wetlands project: Public hearing scheduled

November 10-DFG Responds to Potential Injunction on Salmon and Trout Stocking Programs

November 9-DFG starts new on-line Question and Answer section on their website


November 8-CSPA supports five-year change for flows on the Cresta reach of the NF Feather

bulletRead the CSPA letter of support for the recommendation.
bulletRead the proposed change, and ERC rationale for the change.

November 7-The Economics of Ending Delta Water Exports Versus the Peripheral Canal: Checking the Data of the PPIC

November 6-A Gradual Ending Of Delta Water Exports - A Potentially Cost Effective Solution to the Delta's Water Woes

November 6-People Say No to Warren Buffett's Dams at Klamath River Hearing in Sacramento

November 6-Massive Fishkill in Stockton Port attributed to lack of dissolved oxygen

November 6-Canal controversy continues; Task force proposes peripheral canal in the Sacramento Delta

November 5-"River of Renewal," premiers at American Indian film festival: Film depicts struggle of Klamath Basin Tribes to defend their rights and their river

November 5-CSPA requests  the Yuba City Wastewater Treatment Plant NPDES permit be remanded to the Regional Board for review and modification

November 4-CALFED Science Program Workshop; Comparing Futures for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (PPIC II): A Conversation with authors of the recent Public Policy Institute of California Report Appendices

November 4-Bush, Schwarzenegger and the Wise Use Movement: The Crushing of Public Trust Fishing Rights

November 1-Is Schwarzenegger Terminating Salmon Surveys?

November 1-California Regional Quality Control Board holds Westlands responsible for effects of poor irrigation practices, demands wastewater treatment permit

October 2008

October 31-SFPUC to Retrofit Hetch Hetchy Water System and Cap Water Sales to Protect Tuolumne River

October 31-State Uses Announcement of Proposed Water Cuts to Push Canal and Dams

October 31-A thank you from Peter Drekmeier, Bay Area Program Director, Tuolumne River Trust 

October 30-Dungeness crab sport fishing season opens statewide November 1

October 30-California to cut water deliveries to cities, farms

October 30-DFG Opens Salmon Fishing on the Sac from Red Bluff to Knight's Landing for two months starting November 1st

October 28-Stop the Water Grab-A Call to Action

October 28-Sacramento Clean Water Hearing on Pacificorp's Klamath Dams - 10/29: If you could do one thing to un-dam the Klamath - this is it!

October 28-Federal Court Upholds Protection For California’s Wild Steelhead Trout

October 28-Hearing Thursday on EIR – Speak Up for Alameda Creek

October 28-CSPA requests "designated party" status in five discharge permit renewals

October 27-California Trout Sees Mixed Outcomes for Wild and Native Fish at Close of 2008 Legislative Session

October 27-The Federal San Joaquin River Restoration Bill Needs Your Support Please sign the petition!

October 23-CSPA's protest results in State ruling revoking the Bureau of Reclamation's permit to divert water from proposed Auburn Dam

October 23-Tuolumne River Trust asks for support in final effort to stop Tuolumne River Diversion

October 23-State of Bay-Delta Science Book, Fact or Fiction?

October 21-From the SF Chronicle: Judge: Delta salmon 'unquestionably in jeopardy'

October 21-DFG Announces CEQA Filing Fees for 2009


October 20-Felix Smith on the Public Trust Doctrine:  Water Resources, Uses and Ecological Values

October 20-Bailing Out Big Ag: Schwarzenegger's Delta Vision: Canals and Dams

October 18-Governor signs extension of Bay-Delta Stamp but State Auditor finds numerous problems in fund management

Read the full bill, AB 2162


Read the full State Auditor's Report

October 18-California Reminds Boaters & Water Users: Don’t Move A Mussel: New Invasive Mussel Guidebook Available Online

October 18, 2008-Draft Environmental Reviews Documents Now Available for Watershed-wide Permitting Programs

October 17-From El Dorado I. D. Repairs to Caples main dam outlet works near completion : Board funds fish restocking plan 

October 16-Delta Vision Task Force Proposes Peripheral Canal, More Dams

October 16-Attention Duck Hunters: Access Changes at Point Edith Wildlife Area, Contra Costa County

October 16-California Rivers Protection Depends On Congressional Lame Duck Session

October 14-Stop the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Water Grab on the Tuolumne River!

October 14-PCL Board Member Dorothy Green passes away

October 14-Caples Lake Volunteers receive an Award of Excellence from El Dorado Irrigation District at NCCFFF Festival of Fly Fishing

October 13-WHEN IS THIS PROGRAM COMING TO THE DELTA? Department of Fish and Game graduates eighth class of Senior Volunteers in San Diego area

October 13-NCCFFF Festival of Fly Fishing in Lodi draws over 450 in attendance

October 11-COLLABORATIVE RESTORATION EFFORT AIMS TO HELP STEELHEAD: Work Will Take Place in American River Parkway

October 11-Governor's Green Rhetoric Contrasts with His Anti-Environmental Actions

October 11-Tuolumne River Trust asks for help with letters and meeting attendance on public hearing with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

October 7-Thousands of fish die in Alameda Creek (on-line at the Argus)

October 7-New Fish Ladder at Coleman National Fish Hatchery to Improve Fish Passage on Battle Creek: View it on October 18th at RETURN OF THE SALMON Festival

October 7-Deadline Approaches to Apply for Game Warden Academy

October 5-Governor Signs SB 1690: Wiggins Bill Unites Crab Fishermen, Industry to Improve Safety and Protect Resources

October 4-California Clean Water Hearings Begin on Pacificorp's Dams; If you have fished these waters your testimony is needed!

October 3-Edan Landing restoration project to create vital habitat for endangered wildlife;
Project will also provide public recreational access in Hayward

October 3-Public Comment Sought on Proposal to Restore Paiute Cutthroat Trout to Historic Habitat in Silver King Creek

October 3-"Green Governor" Vetoes Significant Air Quality, Fish Protection Bills by Dan Bacher, editor of the Fish Sniffer

September 2008

September 30-Stakeholders urge NMFS to take necessary steps to restore salmon fishery

September 30-CA Water Board Slams Klamath Dam owner’s Application for Clean Water Permit: State Regulators announce plan to evaluate impacts of dam removal but not PacifiCorp’s own proposal for operation

September 30-Schwarzenegger Vetoes AB 1806, Fish Rescue Plans Bill, Campaigns For Delta's Destruction

September 28-Schwarzenegger: A 'Green Economy' in the Wake of a Dead Delta?

September 28-Presidential Action Ensures Recreational Fishing in Federal Waters

September 28-CSPA files Water Rights Protest to protect Eel and Russian Rivers against further overdraft  

CSPA's Protest

September 26-Conservation Groups Assail Bush Administration Endangered Species Rewrite on Hill: Congress Holds Hearing on Endangered Species Act Proposed Regulations

September 26-Tuolumne River Trust has new Bay Area Organizer, Jessie Raeder

September 24-Edited EID Press Release: Second fish rescue: DFG and Volunteers move another 1,000 fish (and 19,000 fry) from Caples to Silver and Red Lakes 

September 25-DFG Rescues Fish Again at Caples Lake

September 24-The 'Green Governor' Slashes Funding for Endangered Species: Schwarzenegger Continues His War on Fish and the Environment by Dan Bacher, editor of the Fish Sniffer

September 23-Bush Withholds Salmon Disaster Money As He Pushes For Corporate Bailouts! by Dan Bacher, editor of the Fish Sniffer

September 23-DWR and US. Dept. of Interior to hold hearings on installing gates on Frank's Tract; Is this a thinly disguised plan to channel more fresh water south?

bulletFranks Tract Project News Update 1



September 22-CSPA expresses concern regarding Sonora and Jamestown wastewater plant discharge into New Don Pedro Reservoir; Requests designated party status

September 22-Grants Totaling $ 1.509 Million to Fund Improvements to Wildlife Habitat in California’s Central Valley

September 19-NOAA’s Fisheries Service Releases Disaster Aid to West Coast Salmon Fishing Industry

September 19-Mexican 'Fishing Mafia' Busted

September 19-From the Alameda Creek Alliance: Bonnie and Clyde succumb to low water

September 19-CSPA sues City of Stockton over waste water treatment plant

bulletWatch Jeffery Schaub and Bill Jennings on KPIX discussing state of the delta and Stockton waste water treatment plant (If unable to play, download the open-source video player at http://www.videolan.org/)

September 19-Klamath River tribes and fishermen demonstrate and block doors at PacifiCorp headquarters, no arrests

September 19-DFG to attempt 2nd rescue at Caples Lake on September 22nd:
CSPA coordinating Volunteers

September 18-Information sought on San Luis Reservoir during 1980-81 drawdown in order to protect reservoir's fisheries

September 18-GROUPS SPONSOR DAY OF ACTION AGAINST PACIFICORP: Tribes, Fishermen, Citizens Demand Removal of Klamath Dams

September 18-CSPA discovers Syngenta Seeds has been polluting ground and surface water  for over 36 years 

September 17-Government says salmon disaster money on its way

September 17-Destructive bill would suspend Endangered Species Act at Delta pumping plants during droughts  

September 17-CSPA asks SWRCB to vacate Regional Board's waste discharge permit for the Soper Company's Spanish Mine, a toxic heavy metal polluter

bulletCSPA's Petition for Review

September 17-Letter from Loyd Wiens, Los Padres Streamkeepers to SWRCB regarding Kern River: Calls de-watering criminal

September 16-Klamath Tribes, Fishermen Will March on PacifiCorp to Urge Dam Removal

September 16-CSPA rips Regional Control Board's proposal for discharge requirements regarding permit for SPX Marley Cooling Technologies

September 16-KPIX to air segment on the Delta featuring CSPA Executive Director, Bill Jennings Wednesday, September 17, noon. Another segment LIVE from the Delta on September 18 at 6pm

September 15-Watchable Wildlife: Sandhill Crane Viewing Opps Come to Lodi: A Possible Conclave Activity?

September 15-Groups to March on PacifiCorp on September 18th to Demand Removal of Klamath Dams : Press Conference will feature leaders from Tribal and Commercial Fishing Communities

September 14-Lois Henry: Water in the Kern River still a possibility

bulletLetter to the SWRCB from Lloyd Wiens. Los Padres Streamkeepers

September 14-More on McClellan AFB wastewater problem by Dan Bacher

September 12-PFMC Hears Progress Report On Analysis Of West Coast Salmon Stock Decline 

September 10-CSPA condemns proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act 


CSPA Action Alert 8.15.08: Bush Administration Proposes to Gut Federal Endangered Species Act: Do you want to fish for salmon and steelhead or carp?

September 10-CSPA requests status as a designated party in renewal permits for McClellan Air Force Base waste problem


CSPA's request for designated party status

September 10-CSPA requests status as a designated party in renewal permits for City of Stockton Waste Water Treatment permit


CSPA's request for designated party status

September 10-CSPA petitions SWRCB for review regarding Regional Boards permit for Rio Vista waste water treatment plant


CSPA's Petition to the SWRCB

September 10-Cold water rings dinner bell for West Coast salmon by Jeff Bernard, Associated Press (on-line)

September 10-DFG's Kokanee planting operation to receive continuing funding from Project Kokanee and Kokanee Power, two grass roots non-profit orgs: Ceremony September 24 in Rancho Cordova

September 10-NEC hosts Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement meeting October 8th: Is there any water left for fish?

September 10-Restore the Delta Event Rescheduled for January 2009!

September 9-Gladding McBean agrees to $135,000 settlement in pollution case


Judgment Agreement

September 8-California can grow more food AND take less water from the delta

September 8-Trade Magazine article part of mitigation for pollution suit filed by CSPA


Caltrux Magazine article, "Who'll stop the rain"

September 7-DFG releases Striped Bass Population Study Cruise Report: Although not conclusive, populations down from previous survey

September 7-Critical Habitat Protection From Monterey Bay To Canadian Border
Proposed For Desperately Imperiled Southern Green Sturgeon

September 5-"What Can I Do To Restore The Delta?"

September 5-"Flow" is coming to a theater near you

September 4-Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement on Ongoing Drought Conditions and 2009 Drought Water Bank

September 4-CSPA's Executive Director, Bill Jennings to appear on KPIX, Channel 5, San Francisco, regarding Stockton Wastewater Plant and the health of the delta

September 4-The Governor wants to hear from you on water... (He may not like what he hears!)

September 4-More on the passage of AB 1806, the Prospect Island fish kill and the fate of the Delta

September 3-El Dorado Irrigation District's Press ReleaseFish rescue at Caples Lake reservoir succeeds in relocating more than 6,300 fish: 80 volunteers work side by side with Fish and Game and EID

September 2-An open Caples Lake thank you letter from CSPA/TU to the volunteers

August 2008

August 31-CSPA NEWS: AB 1806, the fisheries rescue bill, backed by CSPA, on final journey to governor's desk

August 29-EXTRA: Caples Lake Story, Day Four

bulletCaples Lake Pictures, Day Four


August 28-EXTRA: Caples Lake Story, Day Three

bulletCaples Lake Pictures, Day Three

August 27-Public Open House Scoping Meetings Planned for San Luis Low Point Improvement Project

August 27-EXTRA: Caples Lake Story, Day Two

bulletCaples Lake Pictures, Day Two

August 26-Requiem For Prospect Island: Final Fish Rescue Completed 

August 26-EXTRA: Caples Lake Story, Day One

bulletCaples Lake Pictures, Day One

August 26-Caples Lake fish rescue starts today. Over 35 DFG personnel assisted by over 85 volunteers will attempt to save trophy trout

August 26-BREAKING NEWS: Coalition files amended complaint in federal court regarding the game fish status of the striped bass: CSPA will oppose on the side of anglers

August 26-CSPA On-site Media Release regarding Caples Lake fish rescue, by Chris Shutes, FERC Projects Director

August 26-CSPA/TU News: Caples Lake fish rescue starts today. Over 35 DFG personnel assisted by over 85 volunteers will attempt to save trophy trout

August 26-DFG, assisted by volunteers conducts another fish rescue at Prospect Island 

August 25-Game Warden Force Increases With 28 New Graduates: Graduation Ceremony Aug. 27 in Paradise, Calif.


August 25-Breaking News: Bureau of Reclamation to conduct second fish rescue effort At Prospect Island TODAY! Ten Volunteers needed! By Dan Bacher, editor of the FishSniffer

August 23-11th annual Dan Blanton Striperfest to be held November 1st. Proceeds to support the delta, youth fly fishing and fishing advocacy organizations

August 23-CSPA News; AB 1806; who voted yes and who voted no, the backers and those who opposed 

August 22-NEWS EXTRA: Senate passes AB 1806, Delta fish rescue bill with mitigation fees stripped

August 22-Boxer opposes changes to Endangered Species rules, Announces Oversight Hearing

August 20-Nearly 4-Mile Tunnel is Last Piece of 44-Mile Metropolitan Water District Water Line That Will Send Even More Delta Water South

August 20-AB  1806, stripped of its mitigation clauses, goes to Senate for second vote. AB 2175, the water conservation bill to be voted on as well

August 20-DFG News: DFG to Close Ocean rockfish fishery from Point Arena north starting September 2nd

August 20-CSPA Action Alert: Tell the Assembly Special Committee to say, "NO" to the proposed water bond

August 20-CSPA News: Caples Lake, why the repairs? Why now?

August 20-CSPA/TU News: Wednesday morning update. WE'RE FULL UP! NO MORE VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AT THIS TIME! Thank you for the tremendous response!

August 19-CSPA/TU News: Caples Lake fish rescue volunteer list approaching 50, deadline to apply Tuesday midnight. Additional volunteers may be sought to fill out work schedule

August 19-Assemblywoman Lois Wolk, to hold "Lois Luau" as a thank you as part of her last term in office as a member of the Assembly

August 17-CSPA/TU News: Caples Fish Rescue Volunteer sign-up in full swing, 1/4way there!

August 15-CSPA and Trout Unlimited to assist DFG with fish rescue at Caples Lake: Over 100 Volunteers Needed! YOU can help!

bulletCSPA/T.U. Volunteer Application

August 15-CSPA Action Alert 8.15.08: Bush Administration Proposes to Gut Federal Endangered Species Act: Do you want to fish for salmon and steelhead or carp?

August 15-PFMC to Consider a Variety of Pacific Ocean Fishery Management Issues, Council Meeting Dates: September 7-12, 2008

August 14-CSPA Action Alert 8.14.08: CSPA is asking you to take special action on behalf of protecting the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

August 14-Bad News: AB 1806 Dies in Senate by Dan Bacher, editor of the FishSniffer

August 14-A CSPA Editorial: AB 1806 goes down to defeat. CSPA, with your help, will do better next time By Jerry Neuburger

August 13-California Supports Winnemem Wintu Tribe: Senate passes Joint Resolution urging restoration of federal recognition status 

August 13-Tuolumne diversions under pressure to be increased by 25 million gallons daily, Tuolumne River Trust seeking alternatives

August 13-Statewide Coalition Says Governor's Water Bond Will Worsen State's Water Crisis

August 13-A guest editorial by Dan Bacher, editor of the Fish Sniffer: Schwarzenegger Pimps Water Bond While Chairing 'Green Building' Conference: "Fish Terminator" or the "Green Governor" - will the real Arnold Schwarzenegger step forward? 

August 12-Un-Dam the Klamath Action Meeting for Commercial Fishing Community to be held in Coos Bay Area: Fishermen invited to plan for September 18th PacifiCorp Day of Action Demanding Dam Removal in Portland

August 12-Coalition for Water sends petition representing 180,000 Californians to Feinstein and Schwarzenegger opposing bond/ peripheral canal

August 11-Fish and Game to move Caples Lake fish (Sacramento Bee on-line)

bulletEID Press Release

August 11-Bush to relax protected species rules

bulletDraft Rules

August 11-The "True" cost of subsidized agriculture

August 10-CSPA Media Release - For Release August 10, 2008 : State Senate Decision Could Begin the Restoration of Delta Salmon and Other Fisheries!

August 9-Just the good ol' boy network? Harvest of cash: Kern County agency buys public water low, sells high By Mike Taugher Contra Costa Times

August 9-A CSPA Editorial: AB 1806 and AB 2175, How the committee votes fell: Both bills saved by bay area and  south state senators

August 8-DFG Press Release: DFG solicits proposals for watershed restoration grants; deadline Sept. 3

August 8-Key Delta Restoration Bill Passes Through Senate Appropriations Committee! by Dan Bacher, editor of the Fish Sniffer

August 8-CSPA Action Alert 8.8.08 AB 1806 clears Senate Appropriations Committee unscathed, heading to senate floor for a vote next week. We NEED your letters!

August 7-DFG News Release: DFG's California Fishing Passport and NOAA Fisheries Offers Family Fishing Trips - Dana Point & San Diego

August 7-CSPA News: Celebrate! Your letters made all the difference!: Breaking news! AB 1806 clears the Senate Appropriations Committee on a 9-6 party vote! 

August 7-FERC project managers to hold Angler Focus meetings in Auburn, August 11th

August 6-U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Draft Environmental Impact Documents with California Department of Fish and Game

August 6-Ocean Protection Council sponsors two salmon workshops, everyone invited


August 4-The Environmental Justice Coalition for Water asks help in petitioning Schwarzenegger and Feinstein to drop water bond in favor of comprehensive water policy by Kaleena Tuffo

August 4-CSPA News:CSPA's Mike McKenzie speaks for AB 1806 during Senate Appropriations Committee review, results known Thursday By Mike McKenzie


Department of Finance Bill Analysis AB 1806

August 2-CSPA News: Senate Appropriations Committee to hear AB 1806 on Monday, August 4th

August 2- DFG Press Release: New Salmon and Steelhead Regulations on Klamath and Trinity Rivers

August 1-Guest Editorial by Dan Bacher, Editor of the Fish Sniffer :How can Schwarzenegger campaign for $9.3 billion water bond while slashing salaries?

July 2008

July 31-El Dorado Irrigation District Press Release Caples Lake drawdown continues Streams to remain at higher levels into September: Area recreation businesses are open throughout the drawdown

July 30-Federal Fishery Service Agrees to Review Pesticide Harm to ESA-listed Salmon: Positive first step toward getting pesticides out of water

July 30-CSPA Press Release: CSPA Protests State Board’s Elimination of Key Delta Protection: Secret order allows pumping to be increased! by Bill Jennings, Executive Director, CSPA

bulletJuly-30-CSPA Request for Reconsideration for allowing export pumping at the Joint Point of Diversion

July 29-CSPA News CSPA and other NGO groups request fish ladder and screens at Hendricks Dam on West Feather River


July 29-Attorney General warns Nestle of legal challenge to construction of water bottling plant on the McCloud


July 29-Action Alert from Steve Evans, Friends of the River: Ten Problems With the Water Bond Proposal

July 29-Conservation Groups Blast Schwarzenegger/Feinstein Water Bond Proposal by Dan Bacher, editor of the Fish Sniffer

July 29-CSPA News: The complete court decision: Coalition for a Sustainable Delta and Dee Dillon vs. DFG, F&G Commission, CSPA, Central Delta Water Agency. We're just waiting for the fat lady to sing!


Judge Wanger's decision

July 28-CSPA News: Rebuttal to arguments in opposition to AB 1806: A letter by John Beuttler, Conservation Chair, CSPA

July 26- CSPA News: CSPA's letter of support for AB 1806 to Senator Florez

July 25-CSPA/C-WIN News : CSPA/C-WIN chide House subcommittee on lack of notice, unbalanced character of congressional hearing on federal response to the California drought emergency


July 21- CSPA/C-WIN letter to Rep. Napolitano regarding the Congressional hearing

July 25-Southwest Council FFF News Kudos to the Southwest Council: Monofilament fishing line can kill, but not if it's collected and placed in these brand new recovery tubes

July 25-CSPA News: Big Victory in Striper Trial, Plaintiffs have "No standing"

July 25-CSPA News: A win for CSPA! City of Davis wastewater treatment plant must re-evaluate its discharges for chronic toxicity By Bill Jennings, Chairman and Executive Director


CSPA Petiton for review of City of Davis Waste Water Treatment Facilities

July 25-CSPA News: CSPA sues Waste Management of Alameda County for massive discharges of  oil & grease, aluminum, copper, iron, zinc, lead and other pollutants By Bill Jennings, Chairman and Executive Director, CSPA

July 25-CSPA News: CSPA Testifies at Hearing to Revoke Auburn Water Rights: Millions of acre-feet of water at stake by Bill Jennings, Chairman, Executive Director CSPA

July 25-CSPA/C-WIN News : Agribusinesses “save” West Side wetlands while irrigation drainage impairs the San Joaquin River, Delta Estuary

bulletJuly 23-CSPA/C-WIN letter to Senator Feinstein

July 24-Positive Moves for Salmon Recovery By Dick Pool

bulletJuly 24-NRDC Issue Paper: Fish Out of Water; How Water Management in the Bay-Delta Threatens the Future of California’s Salmon Fishery
bulletJuly 24-Assemblywoman Lois Wolk (8th District) Assemblyman Jared Huffman (6th District) Press Release
bulletJuly 24-Congressman George Miller, (California's 7th District) Press Release
bulletJuly 24-NRDC Press Release

July 23-Worth a dam? Tribe and enviros call back the salmon on Yuba River By Dan Bacher, editor of the Fish Sniffer

July 23-New Report Says Providing Water for Fish is the Surest Way to Create Water Supply Reliability for California Farms and Cities

July 23-California Water Operations Threaten Survival of Iconic Salmon Fishery: Fishermen, Seafood Restaurant, and Conservationists to Hold Press Conference at Scoma’s Restaurant at Pier 47 in San Francisco

July 21-The Public Policy Institute's New Report: An Elaborate, Yet Incomplete Sales Brochure For the Peripheral Canal by Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Restore the Delta

July 21-The view from L.A.: Dry times revive an old debate By Peter H. King, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

July 21-CSPA ACTION ALERT: AB 1806 Under Assault from water contractors, needs immediate support 


CSPA Action Alert 7.21.08

July 21-U.S. F&WS Region 8 Press Release; Funding Agreements Reached for Phase 1A of the Battle Creek Project to Restore 42 Miles of Premium Salmon and Steelhead Habitat

July 20-Owner of one of world's largest construction firms funds report backing  Peripheral Canal by Dan Bacher, editor of the Fish Sniffer

July 19-Stephen Bechtel Jr. Funds Peripheral Canal Report! by Dan Bacher

July 18-Judge Rules Water Projects Imperil Central Valley Salmon and Steelhead

July 18-Peripheral Canal Debate Returns, Charting California's Water Future Panic makes poor policy by Peter Gleick

July 18- Restore the Delta Challenges Public Policy Institute's Support of Peripheral Canal by Dan Bacher

July 17-DFG stocks over 1.7 million fingerling inland salmon into California lakes and reservoirs

July 17- PRESS RELEASE from the Public Policy Institute: Peripheral Canal Is Best Strategy To Save Delta Ecosystem, Ensure Reliable Water Supply


July 17-CSPA News: CSPA/C-Win Comments and Testimony Prompt Major Improvements in Bay-Delta Strategic Plan By Bill Jennings, Executive Director, CSPA

July 17- CSPA News: Opening moves in Striper trial favor DFG and CSPA

July 17-PacifiCorp Surprises Klamath Dam Removal Advocates by Pulling Permit Application. Will Dam Removal Agreement be Reached Soon? by Dan Bacher

July 16-CSPA News: AB's 1806 and 2175 to be heard by Senate Appropriations Committee on August 4th

July 15-Pacificorp pulls key water quality application, hearings cancelled (Read the full story on-line at the Eureka Times Standard)

July 15-The First Step Home? Study Suggests Upper Klamath Lake is able to Support Juvenile Salmon

July 15-CSPA News: The End of Auburn Dam? CSPA to Present Case at Hearing to Revoke Dam's Water Rights

July 14-Is the legislature sailing us down the peripheral canal? Peralta's talking compromise with the governor

July 11-A missed editorial from the Tracy Press about CSPA's Bill Jennings Second Thoughts: Bill Jennings thinks he’s unlocked the secret to saving the Delta, but can the water wars be put on hold in the name of battling a common enemy? by Jon Mendelson / Tracy Press, Friday, 11 July 2008

July 11-The Tuolumne River is under assault, learn what you can do at the free seminar, July 22nd.

July 10-Guest Editorial by Dan Bacher of the FishSniffer: Bad news for fish:
Schwarzenegger and Feinstein Ally to Build Dams, Canal

July 10-A press release from the governor's office: Schwarzenegger's and Senator Feinstein's compromise proposal

July 9-Fish and Wildlife Service to Consider Uplisting Delta Smelt; Service seeks useful information for analysis during 60-day comment period

July 9-CSPA News: Business as usual? CSPA and C-WIN prepare to testify before the State Water Resources Control Board on the State Board's Bay-Delta Strategic Plan

July 9-CSPA News: Even more ammonia discharges into the delta? Rio Vista's Waste water treatment renewal permit found grossly deficient by CSPA

July 8-A guest editorial on the striped bass issue This is where we divide the sheep from the wolves folks!!!  

July 7-CSPA News: CSPA's Mike Jackson ready to defend the beleaguered Delta Striped Bass in federal court on July 14 By Jerry Neuburger 

July 5-STATE HEARINGS BEGIN ON PACIFICORP'S DAMS: Will California give PacifiCorp a 50-year license to pollute or Un-Dam the Klamath? by Regina Chichizola, Klamath Riverkeeper

July 4-It's Official: Salmon Fishing In Central Valley Rivers Closed by Dan Bacher

July 2-California Trout Rescues Fishing License Funds From Schwarzenegger's Raid by Dan Bacher

July 2-Update on Bush's plan to raid Salmon Disaster Relief Funds to Pay for Census! By Dan Bacher

July 1-CSPA recommends SWRCB include groundwater in analysis of discharges in actions re Berry Petroleum

July 1-CSPA News: CSPA to Sue City of Stockton for Sewage Spills and Illegal Discharges 

bulletJuly 2-Groups plan suit against Stockton by Alex Breitler, Stockton Record (link only)
bulletJuly 1-Notice of Violations and Intent to File Suit Under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act

July 1-Feds' plan to improve Delta water system isn't accurate, agency warns By Matt Weiser mweiser@sacbee.com (Link only)

bulletJune 27- Letter from USF&W to Central Valley Operations Office, Bureau of Reclaimation re: Additional Information Required for the Review of the Operation Criteria and Plan (OCAP) for the coordinated operation of the Central Valley Project, and the State Water Project
bulletCVP/SWP OCAP Biological Assessment (Link only)

June 2008

June 30-Sacramento Bee Editorial: Little fish, big bad idea. Smelt hatcheries would just be a waste (link only)

bullet6-26-08 Measure would set up hatcheries for endangered Delta smelt
by M. Weiser mweiser@sacbee.com (Link only)
bullet6-23-08 CSPA and additional NPO's letter to State Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee opposing SB 994

June 30-DFG News Release: Successful San Francisco Bay Halibut Catch Triggers DFG Survey to Ensure Sustainable Fishery

June 27-CSPA News: CSPA Recommends Decommissioning Centerville Powerhouse By Chris Shutes, CSPA FERC Projects Director

bulletJune 27, 2008-CSPA Comments and Recommendations regarding the relicensing of the  DeSabala-Centerville Project # 803
bulletWatch the video: Butte Creek Spring-run salmon at Helltown migrating downstream to spawn, September 25, 2007 video by Allen Harthorn, Friends of Butte Creek.

June 27-Another Delta species, the longfin smelt in trouble by Dan Bacher

June 27-CSPA News: Sen. Feinstein praised for selenium report release C-WIN, CSPA want more tough questions of USBR

June 27-State's halibut gamble: Don't worry, be happy, by Nels Johnson Marin Independent Journal

June 27-Is ANOTHER Delta species headed for the endangered list? DFG Press Release

June 24-Five California Congress Members ask for accountability by NOAA and U.S. Fish and Wildlife regarding their participation and input to the Bay-Delta Conservation Plan

June 24-CSPA News: Statement by John Beuttler, Conservation Director for CSPA to the Senate Natural Resources & Wildlife Committee

June 24-Wolk's Fish Rescue Bill, AB 1806, Passes Senate NR&W Committee by Dan Bacher

June 23-CSPA News: Read the CSPA/C-WIN letter to Senator Feinstein regarding the issues surrounding the San Luis drainage

June 22-DFG Finishes Releasing 20.2 Million Central Valley Salmon into San Pablo Bay

June 22-A tale of two cities: What is LA doing right that Sacramento is doing wrong?

June 19-Schwarzenegger, Buffett and California’s dam future: Schwarzenegger pushes to build new dams while an unlikely coalition battles to tear down existing ones By Dan Bacher

June 19-CSPA News: CSPA gearing up to defend the striped bass right to exist: CSPA needs donations NOW

June 18-Karuk Tribe and Fishing Groups Call on Schwarzenegger to Limit Gold Mining To Save Struggling Fisheries by S. Craig Tucker

June 18-Declining Columbia River salmon stocks featured on 60 Minutes by Joseph Bogaard. Watch the 60 Minutes video, The Fuss About Fish

June 18-SalmonAid Festival Put Spotlight on Urgent Need For Fish Restoration. By Dan Bacher

June 17-Don't divert from Tuolumne River to water Bay Area lawns By Peter Drekmeier (Link to San Jose Mercury News on-line only)

June 16-CSPA Intervenes in Butte Creek FERC Proceeding by Chris Shutes


June 15-Diablo Valley Fly Fishers send in over 100 letters of support for AB 1806

June 15-Lloyd G. Carter: Much of California is a desert, we should live in it as such (Link to Sacramento Bee On-line only)

June 15-Halibut a boon to S.F. bay-delta fisheries Brian Hoffman, Chronicle Staff Writer (Link to San Francisco Chronicle On-line only)

June 15-CSPA News:CSPA's John Beuttler to testify at Senate NR&W Committee hearing on AB 1806

June 12-Bush Tries to Raid Salmon Disaster Funds! by Dan Bacher

June 10- CSPA News: Letter from John Beuttler, CSPA to the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee regarding AB 1806

June 9-Bono Wilderness Bill Moves to Senate: Free Flowing Rivers in Southern California River Take Big Step Forward! (Read the full story at Friends of the River on-line)

June 8-Action Alert: Massive Support Needed to Pass Delta Restoration Bill through Senate! by Dan Bacher

June 4-Governor Uses Drought Proclamation As Opportunity to Push for Dams by Dan Bacher

June 3-Judge Rules Against TriMet in Free Speech Case

June 3-CSPA News: FERC Leaves Door Open to CSPA Rehearing Request By Chris Shutes, FERC Projects Director.

June 2-CSPA News: Funds needed to defend Striped Bass in coming litigation

June 2-CSPA News: SalmonAid Photos

June 1-Ammonia from Sacramento waste could hurt Delta ecosystem By Matt Weiser - mweiser@sacbee.com (link only)

May 2008

May 31-CSPA News: CSPA and the Butte Environmental Council request north state water districts not be exempt from Environmental Impact Report in requested water transfers

May 30-CSPA News: CSPA and San Francisco Baykeeper file scoping comments on the Long Term Irrigated Lands Program, By Jerry Neuburger

May 30-CSPA News: CSPA files scoping comments on the EIR/EIS for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta Conservation Plan by Jerry Neuburger

May 29-Assembly approves Wolk bill to protect Delta’s declining fisheries: Fishing groups back legislation prompted by Prospect Island fish kill incident, by Dan Bacher

May 29-Zero-salmon bag: New fishing ban may force action on salmon collapse, by Dan Bacher

May 29-CSPA News: AB 1806 clears assembly, 43-36 on what turns out to be a party vote by Jerry Neuburger

May 28-Recreational Fishing Alliance Sponsors Randy Fry Awards Dinner June 14 in San Rafael, by Jim Martin

May 28-Klamath River tribes to hold wild salmon bake to kick off SalmonAid event 

May 27-CSPA News: CSPA request for Support for California's Fisheries and the California Delta

May 27-CSPA News: CSPA's letter to the State Assembly in support of AB 1806 by John Beuttler

May 26-CSPA News: One man's take on the Coleman hatchery salmon kill by John Ryzanych, 

May 23-AB 1806, Lois Wolk's bill to protect Delta fisheries, wins fiscal approval by Dan Bacher

May 23-The Bush administration is considering launching one of the biggest conservation programs in U.S. history. National Public Radio (link only)

May 21-The First Annual Waldo Music Fest, May 31st in Stockton at Bill's house

May 21-75,000 young salmon die in truck transit, Associated Press

May 21-CSPA News: West Coast Congressional Democrats Blast NMFS Over Salmon Losses by John Beuttler, Conservation Director, CSPA

May 20-Boaters should "clean, drain and dry" for holiday weekend;
Watercraft checkpoint on I-5 North near Redding
DFG press release

May 20-Fishery Conservation groups intervene in ridiculous lawsuit filed by the Coalition for a Sustainable Delta, By Dan Bacher

May 20-CSPA News: CSPA, CSBA and NCCFFF Intervene in Striped Bass Lawsuit CSPA Press Release

May 20-House Resources Subcommittee hearing produces some hope for fisheries but disappointing results regarding fisheries collapse By Dan Bacher

May 19-Les Claypool to lead dazzling line-up of musicians at SalmonAid Festival: 2-Day Celebration to highlight unique value of wild Pacific salmon, by Dan Bacher

May 14-Lake Davis Trout Restocking Celebration Scheduled May 17, DFG Press Release

May 14-Top Scientists Endorse Klamath Restoration Agreement: Endorsement Reverses Previous Criticism of Dam Removal Plan, Karuk Tribe Press Release

May 14-A Perfect Storm: House Panel Will Hold Hearing on West Coast Salmon May 15, by Dan Bacher

May 13-Department of Fish and Game to Inspect Watercraft for Quagga/Zebra Mussels May 22-23 on I-5 North near Redding DFG Press Release

May 13-CSPA News: CSPA Protest regarding San Joaquin County Application before the State Water Control Board to withdraw water from the Sacramento River at Freeport (pdf format)

May 12-Acoustic Tagging in San Joaquin River Seeks to Solve Salmon Mystery, DFG Press Release

May 11-California sport salmon fishing almost totally closed By James A. Swan, Ph.D. Special to ESPNOutdoors.com (link 0nly)

May 11-Fishy Business: Salmon Closure Calls for Careful Analysis. Closing California and Oregon salmon season causing economic catastrophe By James A. Swan, Ph.D.ESPNOutdoors.com (link only)

May 9-F&G Commission closes salmon fishing on Central Valley rivers by Dan Bacher

May 9-CalTrout Gives Lois Wolk Golden Trout Award, by Dan Bacher

May 7-U.S. Senate panel OKs San Joaquin settlement, The Seattlepi.Com by Erica Werner, Associated Press Writer (link only)

May 6-Longfin Smelt to be Considered for Possible Federal Protection under ESA; Service finds petition contains sufficient information to conduct next-step study. US F&WS Press Release

May 6-Feds weigh Trinity water shift. The Times-Standard, by John Driscoll

May 6-Protection sought for Delta Longfin Smelt by Matt Weiser - mweiser@sacbee.com (Story on-line at Sacramento Bee)

May 5-Klamath River Tribes and Fishermen Disrupt Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Meeting by Dan Bacher

May 5-CSPA News: CSPA and other fishing groups request FERC rehearing on Tuolumne River flows

May 2-Bonnie and Clyde's young frolic in Alameda Creek, Alameda Creek Alliance Press Release (pdf format)

May 2-.Press Release - Klamath River Tribes and Fishermen Declare Mission Accomplished: Groups succeed in disrupting Warren Buffett's Woodstock of Capitalism

May 2-NMFS requests FERC rehearing on Tuolumne flows

May 2-Tuolumne salmon at high risk of extinction (read the full story in the Modesto Bee on-line, link only)

May 1-“Fishery Failure” Declared for West Coast Salmon Fishery:Declaration Clears Path for Congressional Action, NOAA News Release (pdf format)

May 1-CSPA News: CSPA comments on the Draft Policy for Maintaining Instream Flows in Northern California Coastal Streams.

May 1-Tiny fly is why salmon thrive in Yolo Bypass, scientists say. By Matt Weiser - mweiser@sacbee.com (link only)

April 2008

April 29-Peripheral canal bill dies, By E.J. Schultz - eschultz@fresnobee.com (Link only)

April 25-Hearing to decide Valley water cuts: Judge orders report on three imperiled species of fish (Link only: read the full story in the Fresno Bee on-line.)

April 24-DFG Schedules Public Meetings for Biennial Groundfish Management Regulations DFG Press Release

April 23-MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force Again Sets Milestone and Makes Recommendations for Improving California’s System of Marine Protected Areas DFG Press Release

April 22-U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Coleman National Fish Hatchery Will Release 12 Million Chinook Salmon Smolts U.S. Fish and Wildlife News Release

April 21-Coleman Hatchery to Release 1.4 Million Salmon Smolts into Bay Acclimation Pens by Dan Bacher

April 21-Klamath River Tribes and Fishermen travel to Omaha to Demand Dam Removal from Warren Buffett: Group holds events centered around Berkshire Hathaway AGM, by Craig Tucker

April 18-OEHHA Releases Draft Report and "Safe Eating Guidelines" For Fish in the Sacramento River and Northern Delta, Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

April 18-Salmon Closure 2008 - NEVER AGAIN: Ten Actions You Need to Take Now! by Dan Bacher/Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Associations

April 18-DFG has new director, Donald Koch

April 17-CSPA News: How the W,P&W Committee members voted on AB 1806 and 2502, or "Who loves ya baby!"

April 16-Judge Tosses Biological Opinion allowing pumping in favor of valley Salmon and Steelhead: Groups say delta water project operations must protect water supply for fish and people

April 16- Memorandum decision: United States District Court, Eastern District of California: Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associations, et al. vs. Carlos Gutierrez, Secretary of Commerce, San Luis and Delta-Mendota Water Authority, et al.(pdf.format)

April 16-Two Key Fish Restoration Bills Pass Through Assembly Committee by Dan Bacher, FishSniffer

April 15-AB 1806 Passes in Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee hearing today by Mike McKenzie

April 13-Federal agency oblivious to the decline of salmon, Modesto Bee (link only)

April 13-An urgent call for support for AB 1806 By Dick Pool, Pro-troll


April 10-Fishery Council Closes Salmon Fishing Off Oregon and California by Dan Bacher

April 10-CSPA News: Allied Fishing Group Press Release supporting Re: AB 1806 - Fish Rescue Plans & Mitigation

April 10-Pacific Fishery Management Council NEWS RELEASE "Record Low Fisheries Adopted"


April 8-CSPA News: CSPA, C-WIN Letter Opposing San Luis Drainage Settlement Act & Process (pdf.format)

April 8-Urgent Action Alert: Letters Needed to Support Lois Wolk's AB 2402 By Dan Bacher

April 7-CSPA, C-WIN Letter Opposing San Luis Drainage Settlement Act & Process. By Dan Bacher, The Fish Sniffer

April 3-Slash and Burn: Proposed Federal Budget Would Cut Environmental Programs Under Fire by Schwarzenegger, From the Planning and Conservation League

April 2-Wolk Bill Will Provide Fishing Access, Habitat Restoration On North Delta By Dan Bacher, The Fish Sniffer

March 2008

March 27-CSPA News: Letter to US Fish and Wildlife Service regarding the lack of a sufficient drainage monitoring plan for the San Luis drainage (pdf.format)

March 26-"Assembly Approves Salmon Relief Bill As Fishery Collapses" By Dan Bacher, The Fish Sniffer

March 20-Broad Coalition Proposes Solutions to the California Salmon Crisis By Dan Bacher, The Fish Sniffer

March 19-CSPA News: Unreasonable Use Complaint Filed With State Water Control Board. Groups will Sue in 60 Days if Board Fails to Schedule Evidentiary Hearing

March 18-CSPA News: C-WIN, CSPA Court Petition regarding excess pumping (pdf. format)

March 14-The three west coast governors ask that emergency salmon closure be declared a federal fisheries resource disaster

March 13-Fishing, Tribal and Environmental Groups Propose Solutions to the Salmon Crisis

February 2008

February 19-Unprecedented Collapse of Central Valley Salmon Is No Surprise by Dan Bacher, The Fish Sniffer

February 14-In California, The Mystery of the Missing Fish: Salmon stocks plummet, leaving an industry in crisis and a rash of unanswered questions (U.S. News and World Report)

January 2008

January 31-When the Fish Are Gone Will California Build a Peripheral Canal? by Dan Bacher, The Fish Sniffer

January 31-Farmers sue in fight over water. State fish policy ruining the Delta, they claim. from the Sacramento Bee

January 17-Press release from Congressman George Miller (D-California, 7th District) Committee on Education and Labor, Committee on Resources

January 16-CSPA News: Conservation groups question wisdom of planned state water project amendments (pdf.format)

January 15-CSPA News: Proposed decision re: PGE vs. Friends of the Eel River and CSPA

January 8-ON You Tube: Watch Jim Martin speaking at the International Sportsman's Exposition, January 8, about the importance of your participation in the fight to preserve California's fisheries

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